Girl, you gotta get up!

Hey, I took a few weeks of and it felt so good. If you follow me on social media you can see what I’ve been up to this summer such as summer vacation and my business, but other than that, God is good.

So, I titled this blog, You gotta get up, because I have to be honest. Sometimes I need to be my own cheerleader and this is exactly what I tell myself. Ladies, have you ever felt like everything in life is just weighing on you and if the wind blows just right, it could blow you over. Lets talk…

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Are you playing the game of comparison?

I know there are  more than a dozen times that I have compared myself to another woman, friend, stranger, neighbor, even that tall lady at church who seems to have it all together as she comes strolling in with husband and children in tow. All of them perfectly dressed like all of their laundry was washed and pressed at the local dry cleaners. And then I can hear the pastors voice off in the distance, and it helps me to refocus, and I have that sinking feeling as if who am I to judge and especially here in church.

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Top four podcasts I’m loving right now.

So if I could see a show of hands, who listens to podcasts? I am loving many of them right now and usually listen while I’m in the shower, driving, at home cleaning, exercising, or right before bed. So much information packed inside of these podcasts relating to life, motherhood, Jesus, business, travel, marriage, children, and tons of inspiration. 

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What are some of the lies you are believing?

There are many things in life I wanted to be as a little girl. A doctor, a world traveler, a nurse. I became the latter, and I love what I do. A nurse brings so much life to others, and it makes me smile just to know that I can brighten others days by simply being present in their time of need. Speaking of nurses, Its Nurses Week. To all of you nurses reading this, You are Special!

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How to feel Chosen, not set apart.

Have you ever felt like you’ve been set apart? I know I have. When I was a little girl, I loved playing with three other best friends outside and we would laugh and make up games that would keep us busy all day. There was one day specifically I remember that they stopped talking to me. I looked out my window and could see them at the park playing and running around together, it made me a little jealous.

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I’m not sure how I’m holding up.

Life is amazing. It’s almost April and the year is going by so quickly. So, how are you holding up? Me, I’ve had a few times this year already I felt like I was losing. But, as I’m learning you just roll with the punches and keep going. My daughter is graduating in May, and I’m not really sure how I’m doing. Helping her plan for the future had been a long haul and some days I’m just not sure how I’m holding up.

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